The best foods to give your baby when they have diarrhea

When your baby is suffering from diarrhea, it can be difficult to figure out what foods to give them that won’t make their symptoms worse. Diarrhea is not typically life-threatening, but it can be dangerous for infants if it continues for an extended period. A critical aspect of helping your baby’s recovery is providing them with the right foods. Here are some of the best foods to give your baby when they have diarrhea.

Breast Milk or Formula

Babies under six months of age should only be given breast milk or formula even when suffering from diarrhea. Both of these are gentle on their digestive system, and breast milk in particular contains natural antibodies that can help alleviate any infection causing the diarrhea. If your baby gets formula, ensure that you make it with clean water, boiled and cooled before use.


Bananas are an excellent source of potassium and essential vitamins such as vitamin C, which help keep your baby hydrated and strengthen your baby’s immune system. The high fiber content in bananas can help regulate your baby’s bowel movements, especially when the diarrhea causes discomfort.


Applesauce is a good alternative to fresh apples when your baby has diarrhea because it breaks down quickly. Applesauce contains pectin, a soluble fiber that helps firm up stools, and it is also a source of vitamin C. You can get apple sauce from a reputable source with no added sugar, or you can make it at home by mashing cooked apples.

Rice Cereals

Rice cereals have binding properties that can help to firm up your baby’s stool. The simple and bland taste of rice cereal makes it a great food choice for your baby when they have diarrhea. You can mix rice cereal with breast milk, formula, or water to make it easy for your baby to digest.


Pedialyte is a rehydration solution designed to replace lost nutrients and electrolytes when babies are experiencing dehydration. You can make your homemade one with clean water, salt, and sugar. Talk to your pediatrician before giving your baby this solution, as it gets hand-me-down electrolytes.

In conclusion, handling diarrhea in babies, require patience and understanding. Always consult your pediatrician before you make any dietary changes. These foods are gentle on your baby’s stomach and can help alleviate their symptoms while ensuring they get the nutrients they need to recover quickly.

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